In the following link bellow are all the rules of the “RTT”. We advise all the participating teams to read the rules to avoid some unnecessary problems.

RTT Rules

Click in “ReadMore” to see a short version of the rules.


  • 3 Tracks have to be played per match.
  • Each map = 1 point
  • Example: A victory for 2-1 (maps) it will end up in 2 points for the winner and 1 point for the looser.
  • Example 2: A victory for 3-0 (maps) it will end up in 3 points for the winner and 0 points for the looser.


  • The tracks that will be played in the “RTT” are exclusive from this completion and have never been used before.

Match Settings

  • You’ll have to play 3tracks in every match.
  • The matches will be done on 4×4 in team’s mode.
  • Substitutions are allowed but only while going to the next challenge.

Default Dates

  • The default days when the matches should take place will be Sunday’s and Wednesday’s at 20:00CET, unless both teams agree to move the match a few hours.

If you have any question or opinion about the rules just contact by e-mail:


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