General Information:

  • Dates:
    • 23 October: 1st Mappack Launch
    • 1st November: 1st Group Phase Playday
    • 2nd November: Launch of the Special Map A
    • 4th November: 2nd Group Phase Playday
    • 8th November: 3rd Group Phase Playday
    • 8th November: 2nd Mappack Launch
    • 15th November: Quarter-Final
    • 17th November: Launch of the Special Map B
    • 18th November: Semi-Finals
    • 22nd November: Final and 3rd/4th place match
    • Duration: 4 Weeks. (3 weeks of gameplay)
  • Structure:
    • 4 Groups of 4 Teams each
    • Nr. of teams: 16
    • Nr. of tracks per match: 3
    • Match type: 4on4
    • Nr. of maps: 6 base maps +2 special maps.
    • Play Days: Sunday and Wednesday
  • Staff:
    • Da’Prodigy
    • mEirOx
    • weaseL


Seeds/Group Stage/Playoffs:

  • Seeds:
  • Group Stage:
    • Tracks: 1st Mappack constituted by 3 Tracks +1 special map A.
    • 1st e 2nd placed of each group continue to the Playoffs.
    • In case of any tie, the strongest team of the match that involves the teams in question continues.
  • Playoffs:
    • Tracks: 2nd Mappack constituted by 3 Tracks.
    • Tree Structure (Single Elimination)
    • Each team have to choose the track that they wanna play from the 3 avaliable. If there’s a tie the match have to proceed to the decider map that is the one who hasn’t been picked by any team.
  • Final and 3rd/4th place matches:
    • Tracks:  Special Map A, Most Voted Map of the 2nd Mappack + Special Map B.


Other Rules:

  • Nationalities:
    • No restriction.
  • Scores:
    • 3 Tracks have to be played per match.
    • Each map = 1 point.
    • Example 1: A victory for 2-1 (maps) it will end up in 2 points for the winner and 1 point for the looser.
    • Example 2: A victory for 3-0 (maps) it will end up in 3 points for the winner and 0 points for the looser.
  • Tracks:
    • 1st Mappack – 3 Tracks RTT +Special map A for the 3rd group match (to be played in the group stage.
    • 2nd Mappack – 3 Tracks RTT (to be played in the quarter-final and semi-finals).
    • 3rd Mappack – Special Map A + The most voted map of the 2nd Mappack + Special Map B
  • Game Rules:
    • The substitution of players is only allowed between the change of tracks.
    • Match dates are always in default dates (Sunday and Wednesday) unless both teams agree to play a few hours later/earlier.
    • Connection Problems: If a player loses his connection in the middle of a round, the round will end up normally.
    • If a player loses his connection before the start of the round, teams will have to wait until a max. of 3min. After that time the team will have to replace the player. If there’s no substitute the match will proceed in 4×3 etc… This rule is only in case of connection loss!
    • When a team doesn’t have 4players to play at the start it will be given automatically “default win” against them.
    • The RTT Staff hope that teams/players involved respect each other and create a nice environment among all the participating teams.
    • RTT Staff can penalize any team in case of any bad behavior while playing.
  • Game Settings:
    • Mode: Team
    • Warm Up: 2
    • Point Limit: 7
    • Use Alternate Rules: Yes
  • Default Win:
    • Default win is given when:
      – The opponent team miss the match.
      – The opponent team has a delay of + then 20min.
      – The opponent team doesn’t have 4 players to Play at the beginning of the match.


Match Discussion and Posting Results:

  • In the RTT Forum each match will have a separate topic where you can talk about the match (setting the dates) so as post the results like in the example:
    • 1st Track: Track-A: Team-A 7-5 Team-B
    • 2nd Track: Track-B: Team-A 3-7 Team-B
    • 3th Track: Track-C: Team-A 7-5 Team-B
    • Tracks Score: Team-A 2-1 Team-B
    • Rounds Score: Team-A 17-17 Team-B
  • Screenshots:
    • Both teams need to have screenshots of all the tracks but only the winner team have to post it on his match topic in the RTT Forum.


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