• Xen (c)
  • Andreas
  • Bsx
  • Choco
  • Enzo
  • Exarkun
  • Ganply
  • LilCarl
  • Max
  • Nor
  • Raf
  • Speed
  • Tse-Tse
  • Vin’s

4 Responses to “eXtensive!”

  1. eX-Xen Says:

    Hi, ChocoEnzo isn’t a player. They are 2 players Enzo and Choco.
    In the list i provide you they was Speed in too.


  2. RTT'mEirOx Says:

    Fixed 😉

  3. Semi-Finals « RedLine Tech Tournament Says:

    […] After the Quarter-Finals the 4 teams that could made it through the Semi-Finals are :  YoYoTech,  eXtensive!,  402 and  […]

  4. Final « RedLine Tech Tournament Says:

    […] Place: eXtensive vs UBI (22nd November, Sunday at […]

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